Hi! We’re the HER Shelter.


Introductions & Goals

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new blog from the HER Shelter!

We wanted to take this opportunity to explain a few things (before we get into more “traditional” blog posts). In the process of setting up a blog and brainstorming its format and content – there were a few core questions that arose.  When we started thinking about the first post, we thought, “Why not cue readers in on exactly what our thought process was?” So – below you’ll find both the questions and the best answers we could come up with!

Question 1) Who is our intended audience?

  • Anyone and everyone! Our intention is two-fold: to shed light on issues of domestic violence, and to make our work as transparent as we can. We hope that our volunteers, community supporters, board members, friends, and even complete strangers might read and better understand both domestic violence and the HER Shelter.

Question 2) How will we balance issues of privacy and the desire for transparency?

  • Simply put, we will never share details of clients’ stories without signed permission. The time may come when we want to share a story of amazing success or resilience – and when it does we won’t say a peep without first obtaining uncoerced permission. There is much of our day-to-day work that we can openly be transparent about – and we will be!

Question 3) [Since clients are certainly welcome to read our blog too!] How do we make sure to never betray the dignity and trust of the people we are serving?

  • This question gave us some pause initially. In the process of telling stories and providing insight, how do we check ourselves to make sure we don’t re-victimize those we’re trying to help? How do we carefully structure our language so that we never come across as negative or complaining – which might make someone feel like a burden? Tricky right? Here’s the concise-ish answer: We love our clients. We love the people we serve. Though at times we are presented with challenging situations and personalities, we do everything we can to find the best possible outcomes. As our work is reflected here, we will do out utmost to honor and respect the humanity of each and every person facing situations of abuse, homelessness, or violence. We will never re-victimize or cast blame or shame – and if we do, call us out! Along these lines, this is not a place where we will tell sad stories or showcase heartbreak for the purpose of fundraising. If you feel that is going on – CALL US OUT! We don’t want this ever be a one-sided, monotonous lecture – we want it to be a conversation.

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyways.” – Mother Teresa

We are so excited to add this medium of communication to our toolbox. Each week we will post a story or an interview that encourages, enlightens, and educates – or so we hope. A few upcoming blog posts include: Becoming Trauma-Informed, What’s the Point?, and Redefining Paradise – Expectations and Starting Fresh.   Just a note: we are new to blogging (woohoo!), and so we’d humbly ask that you come along with us, as we experience this next chapter at the HER Shelter.

Will you #BeBrave with us?


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