Why She Stays

An Insider Perspective

Sorry everybody, we didn’t have a ton of time to write a fancy blog this week. Things are getting into crunch-season (not crunch-time because it’ so long). Our apologies!

On a positive note, we did want to take the time to point you to this really awesome TED Talk by Leslie Steiner. We sometimes use this video in our support groups to help foster healthy conversations about domestic violence. If you have the time and want to learn, give it a try – it’s not long and very informative about the work we do here.

See you next week!



One thought on “Why She Stays

  1. I stayed for the children..and I could not get employment to support myself…..after the abuser being removed from the home for over 20 years , I am still suffering social rejection no matter where I go. I do not understand why people are not more compassionate towards women who were abused both mentally and physically. Some how it is easier for them to blame me, after all I was suppose to be mentally ill….To some that is easier than to realize that HE was finally arrested and removed from the home. Men hate the idea that I could have HIM arrested; and women, some do just not believe me. I have gone on long ago, and have to ignore the ignorance of some around me……so I have to avoid lots of pepple, which is better than taking their social abuse!!


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